Oh, hello! I'm Jacqueline Raposo.

I find people fascinating and believe everyone has a story to share. 

Photo by Hanna Agar

Photo by Hanna Agar

As interviewer, writer, and podcast producer, I explore the fascinating lives of humans across food, lifestyle, illness, wellness, entrepreneurship, travel, and the arts.

Food writing clients include Saveur, Vice Munchies, Food & Wine, Extra Crispy, Tasting Table, Plate Magazine, and many more. I tell the stories of people behind the plate, and how the table brings us together and sometimes pushes us apart. With twenty-five years of allergy-eating behind me, I’ve built alternative recipes and brought decades of ingredient knowledge to my work, conversing with chefs on the evolution of the dining scene and helping them overhaul their kitchens. I’ve been a private chef, food stylist assistant, E:How Foods video host, and gluten-free baking blogger.

For two years, I produced and co-hosted Love Bites Radio on Heritage Radio Network, exploring how humans can better love one another and themselves. I record and engineer podcast segments for other shows. And I’m currently producing a brand new show for iHeartRadio, which we hope to launch on Veterans Day in November.

Having lived with chronic illness since childhood, essays and articles crossing illness and wellness have been published with Cosmopolitan, Bust, Elle, The Lonely Hour, The Reset, Medium, and others. I co-founded the #MarchingWithMe campaign to help connect advocates with disability/chronic illness and protest events nationwide, too.

I produce marketing campaigns, sponsored stories, and travel features, too. Most first-time clients become repeat clients: I've collaborated on more than four-hundred stories to date.  Drop a line to work with me.

My first book – The Me, Without: A Year Exploring Habit, Healing, and Happiness – came out January 2019 with Ixia Press. A memoir-cross-case-study about challenging habit, interviews with super-smart professionals help explain why my inner life changed so dramatically from a real-life experiment. I'd love for you to check it out

I am a proud first-generation Azorean-American and equally proud family member to veterans of the U.S. Army, Marines, and Air Force. A Nutmegger and a New Yorker. A huge book nerd. A dog cuddler. Anne Shirley’s kindred spirit. And hopelessly human.

Thanks for stopping by.

-       Jacqueline xoxo