I write essays and other stuff


Essay writing is not easy for me. They require vulnerability and self-editing. They ask you to ponder the intimacy of your experience versus universality. They open the door to greater hurt when an editor clips content or style. I write them because — if I work hard to get the words just right — they may help another better articulate their thoughts and feelings, as so many essayists have helped me with mine. We learn from each others’ experiences, and all grow stronger together.

Here are a few favorites, mostly crossing essay and reportage. The rest can be found here.


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please don't call me pretty, I'm just sick and skinny

When illness causes weight loss, reactions from friends, family, and even strangers can be “positive” in the worst possible way. (Personal story, interview, survey.)

My Friend the Parrot.jpeg

my friend, the parrot

A parrot lives in my neighborhood. I often hear it from where I lie in bed, resting and staring idly at the shadows outside my window, sick. Which of us is lonelier?

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how i learned to date with a chronic illness 

It's hard to be available when your body can change its mind at any time. (This of several Cosmo essays has the most people reaching out to me this day.)

The Reset Jacqueline Raposo.jpg

Giving Myself A Future By Being Present

It took 365 days, but when I reset my habits, I rediscovered a whole new world of healing and happiness.

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i can't have children - but I don't want to anyway

I could blame it on my medical issues, but the truth is that I never wanted children. Or did I just find out too young that I should have them? Which came first?

Alex Testere - Quitting Sugar Cold Turkey.png


I expected some drastic changes, but not the ones I wound up going through, so I hit up a neuroscientist, a doctor, and a sugar journalist for advice.