Want to Write a Book? Hypnotherapy Can Help.

The following is a newsletter from hypnotherapist Iris Higgins, who has coached me through my book-writing and publishing process. She further introduces herself to you here.

Iris Higgins, Hypnotherapist

Iris Higgins, Hypnotherapist

What would happen if I went for a month without social media? For three without shopping? Without waste? Who am I without these habits I’ve cultivated? Who is the me, without?

These are the types of questions Jacqueline Raposo asked herself in June of 2016 when tired of being sick, single, and broke, she decided something had to change.

Rather than trying to add things into her life, she started taking things out.

The Me, Without is the memoir that came of her challenge.

It’s an honest, funny, relatable, and inspiring story of a woman who shifted her internal landscape by doing less. (After reading it, I’m exploring my own year without and also finding it life changing.)

So what does this have to do with hypnotherapy?

When I tell people I’m a hypnotherapist, they assume I specialize in two things: weight loss and quitting smoking. And while I can and do work with issues such as those, one of my specialties is working with authors before, during, and after the writing process.

So how can hypnotherapy help you write a book?

Jacqueline was already participating in one of my group programs at the time, but when she signed a book deal to write her memoir, she knew she needed to make sure she didn’t let fear get in her way.

She contacted me to do hypnotherapy because she wanted to make sure she could physically handle writing a book in three months (Jacqueline has Post-Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome and Chronic Fatigue/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and has to stay on top of her health and self-care at all times) and she wanted to make sure she could put herself out there in a brave and authentic way.

Hypnotherapy is not a way of controlling the mind. It’s a tool to tap into the most spiritual, imaginative, and highest sense of self so that you can be the YOU you were meant to be.

This is what I helped Jacqueline with. During our sessions, we worked with issues around self-judgment, self-care and managing her illness, pursuing untraditional dreams, clarity around who she was writing her book for, and more.

The Me, Without will be published in January 2019 (Congratulations Jacqueline, you are an inspiration!). If you’ve ever written - or thought about writing - a book, you know it’s not just a matter of sitting in a coffee shop and typing. You have to get out of your own way. You have to let go of procrastination. You have to make the time and space. You have to edit. And re-edit. And pick the right title and the right book jacket design. And market yourself.

The process of writing and publishing a book asks one thing of you: How can you be your best self?

Hypnotherapy is the tool I use to help my clients get there.


Writing  The Me, Without  from a house alone in the Poconos mountains. Well, the owner of the house visited and took this picture. And my boyfriend visited a few times. But otherwise — alone with the dog for almost 4 months.

Writing The Me, Without from a house alone in the Poconos mountains. Well, the owner of the house visited and took this picture. And my boyfriend visited a few times. But otherwise — alone with the dog for almost 4 months.

From Jacqueline Raposo, author of The Me, Without

"The Me, Without project taught me that a simple, quiet lifestyle brings me the most healthful, happy joy. The offer to write a book about it, therefore, felt both like a huge gift and an invitation for total failure: How could I physically do it? What if I wrote a horrible book?! Or just couldn't do it at all? In order to have the energy to write, I was going to spend three months in the woods in a house alone -- what if I was horribly lonely or afraid? What if I was sicker by the end? What if I failed at everything?

Private sessions with Iris helped me work through all of these fears. We envisioned each circumstance so I could better plan the journey. We pulled out emotional and practical tools I already had, or created new ones I could tap into. I envisioned my ideal book-writing scenario, too, seeing myself working in joy and love and confidence. And so when finally in the woods alone, I knew to happy dance or do a meditation or whatever to get me where I needed to be, day after day, as pages unfolded. I had so much more fun writing, because of that! I was far more creative than I would have been otherwise! I reveled in my weirdness! I was a braver writer! I was kinder to my body, too.

During sessions while there and since I've come back home and continued to edit and now market the book, Iris has continued to help me nurture my body and fortify my confidence. New experiences are scary, especially when you live in a body that asks you to play it safe. But because of hypnotherapy sessions with Iris, I've been able to truly be present for this experience and enjoy it, too."