Pre-Order Holiday Gift Giveaways!

Oh, hello dear human!

The holidays are my favorite time of the year, as proven by the fact that I’ve been loading up on cheesy Netflix Christmas movies since before Halloween—that’s how much extra soft self-care I’ve needed these last few weeks. My struggles of late have been particularly health related. But we all have our stuff. Life is beautiful. And life is hard. And so as much as I love the holidays—and the overly cheesy movies I jeer as much as cheer while watching them—I stay on guard for the extra stress they bring.

Some of us have jobs that this time of year require additional hours on our minds and bodies. Some of us are expected to spend money we don’t have on holiday gifts. Some of us exert massive amounts of energy to uphold expectations for a “perfect” holiday scene. Some of us are managing recovery and illness that gets exacerbated by social events. Some of us are healing from a broken heart, or loss of a loved one.

Yeah, the holidays can be hard, elf.

The Me, Without comes out in January. As it blends my personal self-self-help journey shedding habits with insight from super-smart humans across the arts, sciences, and wellness, it’s great timing for when we’re all motivated to turn a new page and refresh. But for now?

I’m so freaking stoked to offer this preorder giveaway for those who buy the book between now and December 17th.

I’ve partnered with two truly badass women — my amazing hypnotherapist Iris Higgins and an artist I adore, Laura Poulette — on two kinds of meditations to help you calm, focus, and reset a little this trying holiday season. Preorder one copy of The Me, Without and choose of of the downloadable meditations. Order more than one copy, and you get them both! (Already order the book? Email me at and I’ll send you one. Sign up for my mailing list (on the main page) and I’ll send you both!)

And stay tuned, as I’ll be sharing interviews and fun stuff about Iris and Laura in the coming weeks!

Thanks for reading, and happy holidays!

Jacqueline xoxo

The Me, Without Holiday PreOrder Special

Preorder Option One: Guided Meditation

When we intentionally question our habits, we often face feelings left in the wake of our lost sugary treat, social media hit, or digital distraction. For those audio-inclined, hypnotherapist Iris Higgins’ soothing ten-minute guided meditation will help you relax your body, identify where you feel strong emotions, and assesses immediate needs. This quick reset can be done wherever and as often as you need for greater clarity, calm, and a lightened load.

Iris Higgins is a certified hypnotherapist, writer, and facilitator for women's transformational group programs. She loves helping women to learn to trust their intuition, connect in with their highest power, and work towards their goals. You can find her at

Preorder Option Two: “Be Better” Coloring Page

Need a visual meditation? Kentucky artist Laura Poulette captures the details of flora and fauna in her intricate watercolor paintings. Pulling from The Me, Without phrase “I can only be better tomorrow if I act today,” she’s applied her techniques to a stunning printable coloring graphic. Spend time adding color to Poulette’s delicate feathers and flowers, and ponder where in your life you hope to be better.

Artist and maker Laura Poulette lives with her family on a homestead they are building themselves in the hills of Kentucky. Working with freshly collected botanical specimens, she draws and paints small watercolor “portraits” of these seasonal finds. See more of her work at

Be Better Graphic Sample.jpg

this special offer ends December 17!

Preorder Special: Preorder one copy of The Me, Without before December 17th for your choice of either Higgins' meditation or Poulette's coloring graphic — both exclusive to The Me, Without. Or order multiple copies and receive them both! Plus, save 20% on any purchase on