Listen! I Am Chronically Well! on Callie Dixon's Podcast!

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(Someone on the left there should have done her hair!)

Pain is exhausting.

Emotional of physical, it’s definitely a bummer. It hurts. It threatens everything we hold dear. It requires way too many conversations about feelings and symptoms and challenges and struggles.

But it also can be an excellent teacher. And it highlights the beautiful moments in life as that much more real and vibrant and immediate and hella worth living. And I find many, many beautiful moments in life.

So I was extremely excited to speak about them on Callie Dixon’s Chronically Well podcast as one in her “kickass women” series .

About the episode, from Callie: Jacqueline has struggled with chronic illness since she was a child. She began her career as an actress and had to make adjustments due to her illness, but she is evidence of a someone living a beautiful life despite her struggle. Her curiosity for the way we behave and think and feel has manifested into food writing, journalism, lifestyle interview, and podcasting. We discuss her new book, The Me Without, A Year Exploring Healing, Habit, and Happiness and the impact of removing things like social media, sugar, and shopping had on her life.

About Chronically Well: Tired of being sick? Good. Callie Dixon is a school psychologist and chronic illness blogger who wants everyone to know it is possible to live chronically well even while chronically ill. If you’d like to live a healthier life, physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually, welcome to the Chronically Well Podcast where we will discuss how you can thrive in all of these areas, even in the midst of your current pain or struggle. You may be sick, but you don’t have to live that way, friend. Stop living chronically ill and start living chronically well, today.

Learn more about Callie on Facebook, Instagram, and at She’s quite lively and energizing and I hope you enjoy our conversation.