Download The Me, Without Guided Meditation

When we intentionally question our habits, we often face feelings left in the wake of our lost sugary treat, social media hit, or digital distraction. But where do we even start in figuring out which habits we want to let go of? How do we know what might best help us move from where we are to a better, lighter load?

Our body has the answers. And this ten-minute guided meditation from hypnotherapist Iris Higgins will help you tap into them.

Following prompts from her voice, you’ll relax your body, identify where you feel strong emotions, and learn how to assesses your immediate needs. This quick reset can be done wherever and as often as you need for greater clarity, calm, and a lightened load.

About Iris: Iris Higgins is a certified hypnotherapist, writer, and facilitator for women's transformational group programs. She loves helping women to learn to trust their intuition, connect in with their highest power, and work towards their goals. You can find her at