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By hypnotherapist Iris Higgins

By hypnotherapist Iris Higgins

The Me, Without Guided Meditation

When we intentionally question our habits, we often face feelings left in the wake of our lost sugary treat, social media hit, or digital distraction. For those audio-inclined, hypnotherapist Iris Higgins’ soothing ten-minute guided meditation will help you relax your body, identify where you feel strong emotions, and assesses immediate needs. This quick reset can be done wherever and as often as you need for greater clarity, calm, and a lightened load.

About Iris: Iris Higgins is a certified hypnotherapist, writer, and facilitator for women's transformational group programs. She loves helping women to learn to trust their intuition, connect in with their highest power, and work towards their goals. You can find her at

Love by Laura Poulette

Love by Laura Poulette

“be Better” Coloring page

Need a visual meditation? Pulling from The Me, Without phrase “I can only be better tomorrow if I act today,” Kentucky artist Laura Poulette captures the details of flora and fauna in this stunning printable coloring graphic. Spend time adding color to Poulette’s delicate feathers and flowers, and ponder where in your life you hope to be better tomorrow. For more on Laura’s process in creating this graphic and her work, read our interview here.

About Laura: Artist and maker Laura Poulette lives with her family on a homestead they are building themselves in the hills of Kentucky. Working with freshly collected botanical specimens, she draws and paints small watercolor “portraits” of these seasonal finds. See more of her work at

TMW Self-Care Guide Social - Rebecca.png

guide to daily self care

We have more of a choice than we think we do in how we perceive and fill time. But a little background knowledge in our brain's wiring can help when it comes to self-betterment. In this guide to shifting our clocks towards self-care, resources from professionals in psychology, design, and wellness help us define and let go of daily tasks that aren't serving us very well. Then, insight from my creative community offer self-care tips that bring more joy into every day.

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