Where they fought, who they fed, how they ate, and what they missed.

A new podcast COMINg November 11th, veteran’s day, to iheartradio



SERVICE shares the rich and varied food stories of United States veterans and volunteers who served around the world over decades of military engagement, bringing soldier and civilian listeners to the table to remember, reflect, and respect.

A new podcast for iHeartRadio, SERVICE (working title) captures the food stories of United States veterans serving from WWII through to the recent War on Terror in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Each 22-minute episode features one veteran telling their story, supported by subtle narration and layers of sound so to bring listeners back in time and across the globe. Featuring guests from various ranks across the armed forces, origins within the U.S., and diversity of gender, race, and ethnicity, the 14-episode seasons creates a collective soundscape of how service, sustenance, and society have impacted the lives of our veterans and developed over time.

Introducing the veteran as civilian, we hear how the war affected their life and family before their being drafted or enlisting. They then describe their job in the military and how they felt about it, introducing civilians to the complexity of the military system as episodes unfurl. Hearing about what they ate while deployed in their mess halls and via MREs, civilians learn about the invention and improvements made upon military packaged foods while veterans identify similarities in how their fellows have doctored up military cuisine over decades in the air, on land, and at sea. Finally, we connect through our collective human desire for safety, sustenance, and security when hearing what our veterans witnessed about food culture while serving abroad and what meal they most dreamt of eating when first back home.

Eating is a universal experience. Serving in the military is not. Let's introduce the language of service through the language of food.


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