...I’m half-way through and LOVING it! I decided to do some of my own “withouts” this month...
— I
Pretty much can’t stop reading your book, despite the 5000 other things I’m supposed to be doing now...
— a
... it is so so relevant, especially to everybody in the ME community. It is pretty much exactly what I need to read right now...
— R

The Me Without Book Cover.jpg

Dear Reader,

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the intensity of modern life— keeping up appearances on social media, maintaining the right pace on the career treadmill, searching for love through the fog of online dating— then this book is for you. For one year, Jacqueline Raposo decided to strip away daily habits—everything from her Instagram and Twitter to sugar and alcohol consumption and shopping—and examine how they were affecting her overall well-being. The Me, Without is the result of her time exploring habit, healing, and happiness, and it reveals just how much can change when we start living intentionally rather than mindlessly.

My hope is this book will inspire you to pause and reflect on the things you could do without, which might make you see and savor your own life in an entirely new way. Take a moment now to relish Raposo’s words, to ponder the expert voices that she weaves into the narrative of her yearlong journey. You’ll be engaged, surprised, and inspired as her new life unfolds. I promise you will learn something new and maybe even discover your own path to a new awareness—a presence—that will transform you in unexpected ways.


Fiona Hallowell, Editor, Ixia Press

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